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Rocks Into Rivers
Artist: Seabird
Label: Credential Recordings / EMI
Length: 12 tracks / 43.05 min 
Release Date 12/15/2009
_Rocks Into Rivers_ is the sophomore release of Seabird, a piano driven pop rock band out of Cincinnati, Ohio. With this release, Seabird hopes to build on its successful debut LP, ‘Til We See the Shore, which received rave reviews in 2008. Rocks Into River continues in the footprint of their debut release, its only departure in the form of additional ballads with lyrics based on personal experiences of main singer / songwriter Aaron Morgan. Like the debut album, songs have catchy lyrics and many hooks.
The title track and pilot release “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful” stories a young girl’s trials when her world is crushed by divorcing parents. “Believe Me”, “The Good King”, and “Baby I’m In Love” are built around lyrics focused on Morgan’s recent family experiences. “Trust” provides the LP’s first rocker separating itself from the album’s previous ballads. “This Ain’t Home” is a good, solid ballad highlighted by two vocals alternating between lead and background. “Finally Done Right” finally gives the album a rocker with much needed lead guitar. The album’s name sake “Rocks Into Rivers” is the highlight of  this LP with heavy bass drum laying the foundation for excellent lead vocals, piano, guitars, and percussion.  
Rocks Into Rivers lacks song-to-song continuity and could use less piano-pounding leads, and more guitar and percussion to mark a move forward from Seabird’s debut release. While there is little on this album to improve on their debut release, there is hope in the rockers found on this album.
By SS Mertens
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