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Sound Scape (EP)
Artist: Anatomy of Sound
©2009 Independent
As an aspiring alternative band, AOS, has crafted a short album that sounds every bit mature, yet new in all ways. They have a Death Cab meets Coldplay meets college radio accessible sound that doesn’t sound like a rip off. In fact, a real sincerity bleeds through the speakers each time you spin the disc (or play through one’s iPhone). I’m impressed with their indie sound. It feels almost 80’s underground “Christian” at points. Strong tracks are “Living On The Edge”, “Free”, and “New Day”. Hopefully, these young guys stick around awhile.(thecannyshark)

Oh Ah EE
Artist: Hannis Brown
Can it get any more DYI than hand-drawn sound files? Hannis Brown begins his career with such linear cover art, and the sketch of the creature breaking out of his brain on the inside reinforces the theme. Fair warning, listeners. Oh Ah EE takes listeners on a cerebral tour bouncing between soundscapes, non-melodic strings, and stream-of-static creations, never far from "Ohhhhhh". Well produced, no catchy choruses, probably a good representative of its genre, but an acquired taste for most. (Linda LaFianza)

Rule of Law
Artist: Mike Botello
Label: MJC Records
Mike Botello is the driving force behind Rule of Law. Performing all the vocals, bass guitar drums, percussion & most of the acousticn and some of the electric guitar, plus performing production and engineering duties, It's only the presence of Jason Barrett on electric and rhythm guitars that keeps this from being a one man band. It is an ambitious 11 song cycle that is lavishly packaged that suffers from lack of perspective. The firm hand of a producer to keep the many strands in tune, to push for a more original sound would have moved this from the realm of vanity disc to epic, which is clearly Botello's ambition. Keep plugging, Botello, and give your critics a fair hearing. Their criticism is constructive and spoken in love. (Linda LaFianza

Rock-N-Happy Heart / Devotional
Artist/Author: Yancy
Label: Pure Blue Records
Yancy offers a worship CD and a companion devotional book aimed at the female pre-teen group. Interestingly, she co-wrote "Something Beautiful" for Jaci Velasquez and Avalon's #1 hit, "I Don't Want to Go." The devotional is a very age-appropriate introduction to devotionals and can easily be performed solo or for a small group. (Shari Lloyd)

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