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A Salute To World-Class Rock! (compilation)
Artists: Main Line Riders, Liberty N’ Justice, Hero, Kreyson, Boarders, Bride, Adiastasia, Grave Robber, Jacobs Dream, Saint, Fires of Babylon, Titanic, Menchen, Whitecross, Guardian, The Seventh Power, Faith Factor and Final Axe
Retroactive Records RAR7893
18 Tracks
Running Length: 73 minutes  
Retroactive Records has pulled together 18 hits from various rock groups around the world. If you have heard them before, sit back and enjoy, and if you haven’t, listen up, because you are entering a new experience. 
For solo vocal power, try out “Broken Hearted” by Main Line Riders, “Freedom Call” by Adiastasia, “Fear No Evil” by Grave Robber and “Kingdom of Rock” by Guardian. Find great guitar work on “Lookin’ For A Reason” by Whitecross and also “Kingdom of Rock.”  Incisive lyrics are in  “Lookin’ For A Reason” or Final Axe with “Heads Will Roll.”
My only quibble, and a minor one at that, would have been to place Guardian’s “Kingdom of Rock” as the first track on this CD instead of “Broken Hearted by Main Line Riders.” Guardian's intro would have been a bit more effective as opening music.
"World-Class Rock!"  is the best of the best  for over 70 minutes. Guest artists include Ski (from Deadly Blessing and on vocals) on “Armor of God” with Faith Factor.  Robert Sweet (Stryper) is on drums with Final Axe on “Heads Will Roll,” “Heavy Laden” with The Seventh Power and “Noon Sun” with Menchen. 
Marie Asner


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