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Laugh For a Million Years
Artist: Pat Terry
Label: Horse & Sandwich
Pat Terry and I go way back. In the mid-70's after word came down that B.J. Thomas had found faith in Christ, it was Terry who wrote the title song of his first Christian influenced album, Home Where I Belong. While Thomas' gospel career was short-lived, Pat Terry was only beginning. Since that time Terry has managed a successful dual career as a Nashville songwriter and Christian influenced singer-songwriter. He has long outlasted the trends of the CCM movement of the last 30 years which has left many in artistic limbo. In the intervening years he has penned hits for contemporary country artists like Travis Tritt and Tanya Tucker. 

This new release, Laugh A Million Years, is a rare solo album, which seem to only come our way every decade or so. For those who put a lot of stock in the music of Buddy and Julie Miller, this CD will be a welcome addition.  It is a collection of reflective, insights and spiritual as well as love themed songs which are as melodic and lyrical as they are well produced. In fact, this is a production which supports Terry's style which could easily be lost in the usual overproduction of Nashville's approach. But, as a veteran, Terry has made this album into a work of balance between the song, the singer and the clean production which coexists nicely with mandolins and electric guitars.  

Each song is a gem, with special notice goin to the title track, the exuberance of "Brand New Day," "Rivers of Hope," and "If I Were Like Jesus." These are songs of hope, love and the universal way God invades our daily lives. 
Terry Roland

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