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Build the Fire (EP)
Artist: Kal Cahoone
Label: 2010 helmet room recordings

Karin Bergquist meets Fleming McWilliams. I could not escape the comparison in my head every time I heard Kal Cahoone’s haunting voice. By the way, do a search in iTunes, and the question appears, “Did you mean Al Capone?” Funny sidebar!

I sincerely wish this clocked in at more than a measly 17 minutes. Just as her lilting and sultry voice and accompanying piano playing tease your ears, it is over. Sparse instrumentation fills this EP, but flows over your spirit like a gentle wave. She currently resides in Denver, CO performing with the Dirty Pretty, but she has some street creds to be sure. She has recorded since 2000 with Lilium and has appeared onstage playing keyboards for Woven Hand and The Denver Gentlemen.

Songs like “Build the Fire” and “Ghosts of Herod” show a semi shoegaze meets Americana vibe. Strikingly original minimalist music Kal Cahoone has crafted here. Now please, give us more.

August 2010


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