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For Those Who Wait
Artist: Fireflight
Label: Provident Label Group/Red
February 9, 2009 Release Date
For those unfamiliar with Fireflight, think Skillet meets Super Chick. Ten year plus veterans of Christian rock, this band has a solid foundation of both message and music. Providing a mix of hard rock anthems and soul wrenching ballads aimed at those weathered by these disparaging days and times, For Those Who Wait marks the third major release for Fireflight.
From past efforts Healing of Harms and Unbreakable to For Those Who Wait orchestration, engineering, and production continue to improve to the point where this release shows the musical growth and maturity of a band about to break into the realm of the top Christian rockers. Beyond the accolades of Unbreakable, this new LP promises to be a very strong junior release, with powerful lyrics and resilient voices, solid lead guitar, hard hitting rhythm and percussion.
Although the song “Desperate” is planned as the pilot single, others show greater strength and character. “Recovery Begins” is a misty, dreamlike promise of change with awesome musical backdrop for angelic yet dark lyrical narrative. “Core of My Addiction” is a hard charging mover with meaningful lyrics taking advantage of great breaks and harmony.  The albums title track, “For Those Who Wait” and “Name” show extensive growth as a band. “All I Need To Be” is a gem among the remaining tunes with a good gothic fairytale story line, great harmony, instrument flow and break, and good bass. Remaining tunes are cut from the bands rock anthem roots.
For Those Who Wait is a landmark for Fireflight by showing maturity in song writing by providing orchestral arrangements and ballads to their hard rock anthem anthology. This is a CD worth acquiring and wearing out for a number of reasons ­ all of them good.
It has always been considered a key indicator to an artist’s success to win with a big sophomore release. With the high speed of new music reaching the general public today, it is a big win to make it past the sophomore release and have bigger success with the junior or third major release. Time will tell if For Those Who Wait will have this success, propelling Fireflight on their run forward and eventually hitting their stride like Skillet, Disciple, and Kutless.
SS Mertens
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