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Pistol City Holiness
Artist: Dave Perkins
©2009 Lugnut Records
What a great title for a blues album! A raw, rootsy, and full tilt jam all the way through makes this one of the best discs of 2009. Perkins had virtually gone into dustbowl obscurity since his stint with Chagall Guevara and his '95 industrial-laden Passafist project. You can't keep a quality guitarist down for long though. It's hard to believe this is the same guy who gave us a solo disc way back in '87. I still love the song "Orbit" from that vinyl in my collection. But I digress...
"Pistol City Holiness" covers the familiar blues formulas with reckless abandon. Nothing new is here, but relentlessly dirty, gritty blues are meshed out on the blues club floor. “Break” kicks in and you can hear the strong chops of TJ Klay on the harp. A slight modern element of rhythmic looping throws you a surprise before “Going Down” explodes with a wall of electric guitar and piano. There is not one sleeper on this 12-song rocking blues offering. The musicians don’t appear to be the standard session players either. True blues feeling comes shining through at every corner.
My only question is, ”Where have you been hiding Dave Perkins these last 10-15 years?” I guess my musical tastes ran in different circles back then. I would have gobbled up everything of yours in sight had I known you were still kicking around.



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