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Until the Whole World Hears
Artist: Casting Crowns
Label: Reunion/Provident
Length: 12/51:30

Casting Crowns has made a successful career of breaching the gap between the adult contemporary crowd and those who like a loud guitar with their message.  In short, if you like Steven Curtis Chapman, Mercy Me, and Jeremy Camp, you probably fall squarely into the Casting Crowns audience.

"Until the Whole World Hears" follows the Mercy Me formula:  a few songs for CCM radio, some sweeping rock numbers, a few ballads, and several songs built around softly sung verses with huge emotional choruses that will evoke a response in even the hardest of hearts.

"Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)â" and "Joyful, Joyful" are reworked hymns, while "Holy One" is the radio hit.  "Mercy" features a rare female lead.

In short, nothing new here.   Some pretty good songs, and an anthem or two that you'll remember until the next Casting Crowns album comes along.

Brian A. Smith
20 February 2010


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