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Times and Seasons: Best of the Burchfield Brothers
Artists: The Burchfield Brothers (Jon Burchfield and Ben Burchfield)
Running Length: 59 minutes
12 Tracks
The Burchfield Brothers, Jon and Ben, have released their latest album, which is a Best Of celebration of twenty years in the music business and ministry. Fans will appreciate having favorites such as “Amazing Grace” or “Wayfaring Stranger” on one album, but people who aren’t familiar with the duo can now hear a sampling of what the Burchfield Brothers are all about.
Jon plays classical guitar while Ben plays the midi-marimba, plus flutes and recorders. Their specialty is to take a familiar melody, such as “Amazing Grace,” and embellish it with a variety of instruments so that you know the melody is there somewhere, will encounter it at the end, and the rest of the way will be intriguing.
Case in point, “Wayfaring Stranger” begins the CD and sets the tone with guitar melody and marimba accompaniment. This gives you an idea of what to expect throughout the album. “Doxology” is, again, a familiar melody, but this time the Brothers begin the melody slowly, almost twice as long as would be normally sung, and gradually add guitar and other instruments for an orchestral effect. “Amazing Grace” starts out almost in the Middle East and just when you wonder about the title of the selection, here comes the melody, gently being woven out of a wind sound. The last track, “Be Thou My Vision,” begins in a gentle style with fiddle against guitar and ends with bird and rushing water sounds. You are taken on an outdoor journey with the music to a place of worship that doesn’t have four walls and a roof.  
The songs on “times and seasons” are slower paced for easier listening and perhaps, meditation. It makes me want to hear what Jon and Ben would do with “The Saints Go Marching In.”  For my first Burchfield Brothers album, I appreciate the way you can relax, recognize your favorite inspirational melody and know it is in safe hands with a velvet touch.
Copyright 2010 Marie Asner


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