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The Things We’ve Grown To Love
Artist: All the Day Holiday
©2009 Linc Star Records

I distinctly remember members of this band trying to sell their CD to any passerby they came across on the dusty roads at last summer’s C-Stone. They were selling it dirt-cheap too. Now, after months with this disc, I wish I had been able to clone myself to see them live. Alas, the packed schedule of the festival! With that said, ATDH has left an impression in this reviewer’s cerebrum. 

Happy, ambient, alt-rock of the jangly guitar type reminiscent of Death Cab For Cutie and Muse is what best describes this disc. The relatively young crew of Dan Simmons, Mark Ventura, David Roller, and Nathan Frisch make a relatively fluid project here. Strong tracks include “2000 Winters,” “Greener,” “Cities,” and “Flowers And Fireworks,” though everything will most likely bowl the listener over. Do the starving artists a favor and check this out. I think you will be happy you did so.

May 2010


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