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Music from the Future 
Artist: Anchors
5 Songs, 18 minutes and 13 seconds
Release Date:  February 16, 2010 
Music from the Future by “Anchors” could be more aptly named ‘Music from the Past’ with a sound reminiscent of a mix of late ‘70s “Sparks” and early ‘80s “Spandau Ballet”. Where the electro-pop / emo offering excels is the song writing and the operatic-like tenor vocals of lead singer Seth Hecox. With a mix of acoustic and electric, the synth-heavy song collection is in the mold of early “Future of Forestry” offerings.
The five song EP is highlighted by the initial offering “Airplane”, a tale of love lost with the searching refrain ‘And now I’m just a subway underneath the busy city road. And baby, you’re an airplane 40 miles outside the east coast.” “Where the Houses Glow” is a piano driven rocker with a solid break to group harmony. The final “Virtue and Violence” provides interesting play between an echoed guitar, synth, and harmonies.
The EP leaves us wondering what a full offering by “Anchors” might bring, songs of the future or sounds from the past? In either case, we wait for more.
S.S. Mertens
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