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House of I Am (2005) 
Artist:  Aliki 
Label:  independent 
Length: 12 tracks / 44:40 minutes

The words ‘top Australian contemporary Christian female artist/vocalist’ conjure up to most the sole person of Darlene Zschech of Hillsong fame, but not me dare I say it (nothing personal Darlene 8-)).  I think first and foremost of Australian female vocalists such as Roma Waterman, Aliki, Phadrah Torelle and Tania G.

Aliki and her husband Rob having been touring Australia for years now.  The list of places they have visited comes close to the kind of touring schedule Australian Christian music pioneer Steve Grace has become well-known for.

But let’s focus on the CD before us.  ‘You Love Me’ has this cool didgeridoo intro by none other than Australia’s Adrian Ross.  ‘A Million Distant Suns’ is the standout radio single from this album and is a reflection on Psalm 8:3-9 about how God makes Himself known through the created world.  Phil Yates provides a soaring uilleann pipes intro to the song.  The title track ‘House Of I Am’ is one of the most creative versions of Psalm 23 that I have come across.  It was co-written with Bel Morrison and Shanon D.W. (Bel Morrison is an outstanding Australian artist in her own right. Visit )  ‘Breathe’ is a moving musical interpretation of the prophet Ezekiel’s vision of the Valley of Dry Bones (Ezekiel 37:1-14).  The lyrics of ‘Picture Like His’ challenge the listener as to what their concept of God is.  ‘Rumour Mill’ is a great bluesy track that speaks of the power of words and the human tongue.  Aliki’s rendition of ‘Mary Did You Know?’ is as good as any I’ve heard on radio before.  With ‘It Is Well With My Soul’ Aliki saves the best till last with a striking rendition of the classic hymn to which she adds an original bridge.

As he did on the debut CD, personal friend and artist Steve Dix contributes in the songwriting department on 3 songs as a co-writer as well as the overall graphics. .  Other co-writers are Shanon D.W., Neil Pennell, Bel Morrison, and daughter Zinta (who contributes musically on ‘Salvation Song’). 

This album is my favourite Aliki album of the three she has released to date.  As good as this CD is, Aliki is an artist that needs to be seen as well as heard in order to get the full picture of what she is on about.  All the songs she delivers in concert are performed with powerful images shot on data projection in the background as engineered by her husband and partner in ministry Rob which serve to enhance the music and message of the songs.

Aliki’s music is Scripturally-based and inspired and her music has a prophetic edge to it -  not in the sense of speaking of end times but in the sense of powerfully speaking God’s Word into a situation. If you enjoy great vocals and lyrical depth to your music then you need to check out the artist that is Aliki.

Frank Rasenberger     January 2010 


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