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The Alco Beat
Artist: The Alco Beat
©2009 Independent
This Niagara region/Southern Ontario band has a sound very familiar, yet with unmistakable bravado has mastered the Americana/alt-country/blue collar rock genre. Somewhat akin to Wilco, Michael McDermott, and Bruce Springsteen, their bar band bluesy vibe most likely has many a head turned at the local watering holes. When I close my eyes, the lead singer, Stephen Corbett, sounds like a relative of Chicago’s McDermott. This is a good thing!
The album starts out of the gate with a memorable jangle “(Never Let You) Live It Down” that would be in regular rotation at any Nashville station. Not skipping beats, “If This Is It” follows in the mid-western rock vein that keeps getting new life these days. My favorite track is the alt-country vibe of “Deathbed Confessions”. It’s one of those songs you crank, roll down the windows, and do your best karaoke to. Other strong, memorable tracks that keep me coming back include “Silver Lining”, “Come Back To Haunt You”, and the solid rocker, “Lie To Me”.
This is pretty good stuff for a relative unknown. I’m glad I bumped into Jason from this band after a Bill Mallonee solo show. Sometimes, stumbling on new music is the best way to hear it.
August 2010


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