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Solitary Realignment
Artist: Aaron Ferris 
Time: 10 Tracks / 38.17 mins.

Almost 5 years after the release of his debut solo EP A Round of Silence. Aaron Ferris who hails from Northern Ireland is back with his first full length album Solitary Realignment and boy what a way to come back.

The title, as the cd sleeve lets us know, is a play on the words solitary confinement. These songs I feel are borne out those solitary moments where it was just him and God, deliberate moments. Moments he has chosen to draw near, to listen and be realigned by the Spirit and moments he has captured in 10 beautifully crafted songs.

The lead of track "All I Ever Wished For" kicks off the album beautifully upbeat and sees Aaron back playing with a band for the first time in a long time and that my friend  is a beautiful thing, no less than the song deserves.

These songs, for me, paint pictures in my mind. I see myself crying out Ď" donít deserve you, I donít deserve such grace." Iím right there as those of the persecuted church are martyr in "N.K." and I realize the blessing of my wife and the challenge of being a husband in "Heaven Awaits" and "Chosen to Love." Song after song Iím drawn in and Iím laid open before the Father.

Standout track for me is the haunting  "N.K." which recounts the martyrdom of believers in the persecuted church and included Scripture read in Korean and include the  line Ď" would rather die than deny my king" Other tracks worthy of a mention are "Chosen To Love," "Someone like Me," and "I Donít Deserve You."

It seems to me that too often much of what we hear musically, no matter how good it is, doesnít seem to go much further than tickling our ear. These songs demands our attention and should have us longing of those solitary moment where we to can be realigned.

To paraphrase what someone much more intelligent than me has said. "These songs are not just good but good for something."

By the way I just love the sound of the Bass on this album.
Check Aarons MySpace for a taste of the tunes and details on how to get your hand on a copy of the album 

Mark Reid 

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