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Flicka 2 (DVD)
Stars: Tammin Sursok, Patrick Warburton, Clint Black, Reilly Dolman, Emily Tennant, Ted Whittall, Dwayne Wiley and Craig Stanghetta
Director: Michael Damian
Scriptwriter: Jennifer Robinson
Composer: Mark Thomas
Cinematography: Ron Stannett
20th Century Fox
Rating: PG for reckless behavior
Running Length: 97 minutes
Flicka 2 is directed by Michael Damian, who did the family film, Moondance Alexander two years ago. That film was also about a young girl and her horse, but Flicka 2, a family film, goes into the west complete with a herd of 110 mustangs, stampede and those wild, western vistas. There are three actors who will be familiar to you, one is singer/actor Clint Black (always smiling), another is Patrick Warburton from “Rules of Engagement” and the third is Tammin Sursok from “The Young and the Restless.”  Director Michael Damian co-wrote three songs on the soundtrack and sings one of them, "Never Forget You."
Flicka 2 has the character of Katy, from the first film, gone on to veterinary school. Her uncle, Hank (Patrick Warburton) has Flicka, the black mustang filly, on his ranch now. This film begins in the big city where Carrie, Hank’s daughter, is catching thrill rides by hanging on the back bumpers of cars while riding her skateboard. Carrie lives with her ailing grandmother, after Carrie’s Mom dies. Soon, Social Services steps in and Grandma is in a nursing facility while Carrie is shipped  to Wyoming to live with her father. 
East meets West and doesn’t like it at all. Eventually, Carrie meets friends, one nice (Jake, played by Reilly Dolman) and one not so nice (Amy, played by Emily Tennant.) Carrie can always go to her best buddy, Flicka, the horse, and the two have a definite connection. Carrie learns to ride and has a knack for it. Eventually she has a knack for collecting eggs and walking the dog, too, and this is part of the humor of the film. 
Adversity comes from Carrie’s impulsive behavior which brings her against Amy’s father, who would permanently take care of Flicka for the damage the horse does to his property. What people learn is accountability for their behavior, that love hurts sometimes, Dad’s can be there for their daughters if you just let them, and a cel phone isn’t everything. All this nicely wrapped in a PG rating, too.
I enjoyed Flicka 2 as a continuation of the Flicka storyline and for the care in the production. Music was appropriate to the scene and came in on cue, photography and editing are top quality, and the actors are comfortable in their roles. Tammin Sursok is a teen who can’t approach love, but learns with Flicka. Patrick Warburton is the father who has to get to know his daughter as a person. Their scenes ring true, as does the film, a winner. 
Copyright 2010 Marie Asner




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