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Sky, We Salute You
Short, but sweet interview with Sabrina Saxon, 
Widow of the late, great Sky Saxon of the Seeds
On Sky, his legacy and the tribute CD
By psychologist Bruce L. Thiessen, Ph.D., aka Dr BLT
Before there was the Sex Pistols, there was The Seeds, and before the Seeds, Sky Saxon.  The day Sky Saxon, former frontman for the Seeds, passed away, there was a whole lotta mourin' goin' on.  Sky burst onto the music scene in the sixties with his band, The Seeds, considered by critics to be ahead of their time, and their biggest hit, "Pushin' Too Hard," the precursor for what would latter become a brand new style of music dubbed, "punk."  Shying away from fame, he went into seculsion for many years, but his reputation as one of the most underrated, brightest stars of the 60s did not go into seculusion.  And his ubiquitous influence didn't go away either.  Just how embraced he is by the rock community is revealed in a forthcoming tribute CD.  Before taking in my brief, but revealing interview with Sabrina Saxon, take a moment to listen to my hit song, a tribute to Sky, and then check out the details about the CD which will include my song as well as songs from artists much more celebrated than I am.  Join my salute to one of the great creative forces of our time:
Sky, We Salute You
Dr BLT (350,000 + downloads)
Words and music by Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr BLT copyright 2010
From the forthcoming tribute CD featuring multiple artists like GEORGE JONES, ELECTRIC PRUNES, IGGY POP and many more:
The “Sky (We Salute You)” Sabrina Saxon Interview
Dr BLT: I am very curious, as I'm sure most people you associate with are, as to how you came to know Sky and how the two of you met.
Sabrina Saxon: Actually it is an interesting story. There was an amazing bookstore/coffeehouse in Fairfax, California called BookBeat (it recently closed unfortunately). I hung out there almost every morning with a table full of friends. One particular morning in June 2007 (it may have been May), I was at the condiment stand "minding my own business" putting cream and sugar in my coffee. I felt the presence of someone else there doing the same thing but wasn't paying attention.
Then I heard a voice say, "Do you want to be in my movie?" I looked at him and I said, "Oh thanks but no." He said as I looked at him, "Your eyes! I'm going to fall in love with you!" And I said, "Okay crazy person. I'm going back over here to sit with my friends now." As I turned to go, he said, "But I'm kind of famous." I turned and asked him who he was and he told me Sky Saxon and I had to admit I had never heard of him. Then he told me the name of his band was The Seeds and I had never heard of them either! Then he told me the couple of songs he was most famous for and I had to tell him I had never heard of those songs either. Sky Saxon did not even exist in my brain before I met him that day. I returned to my table of friends. Sky came in every day and would ask me every day to at least go out to dinner with him and I said no.
After about a week of his persistence I said to my friend Gary who owned BookBeat, "This Sky Saxon guy keeps asking me out!" Gary told me to go out with him that he was harmless!!! So I did and after a couple of dinner dates he walked me to my vehicle and then kissed me goodnight.
That was it. It was in his kiss. The next month is a blur now but next thing I know he is living with me and telling me every day that we have to get married. He had named me Sincerity by then as well. Eventually I told him that I would call his bluff and go get a marriage license. So we did go get the marriage license (knowing after 30 days it would be null and void if we didn't actually get married) ... We went on 07/06/07 and while we were at our friends house who we rented our apartment from and we were talking to him about marrying us we realized the next day was 07/07/07. So we both said, "Well we have to get married on 07/07/07!" So the next day we started writing our vows and John came by and told us that he and Pamalah were going to a party and when they got back he would marry us. About 30 minutes later, John came running up the stairs and said, "It's a Summer of Love party and there's a band on a bandstand! Y'all come over there and I'll marry you on the bandstand!" 

.... so that is what we did. We got married on 07/07/07 at a Summer of Love party on a bandstand in front of a bunch of people we didn't even know! The truth is although I had googled him to make sure he was who he said he was, I had no idea who I was actually marrying. By the time we were married Sky had given me a 2nd name, Enchantment (do you know how hard it is to live up to THAT name - It is impossible!!) I married the spiritual side of Sky Saxon (Sunlight Arelich), I believe. I had never heard of him before we met, I had never experienced him perform live, I had never experienced the fans (or the groupies) and I didn't experience seeing him perform live or the rest of all that goes with that until a month after we were married. I was a bit in shock to say the least. 
Welcome to the rock n' roll lifestyle Sabrina!!!! 
Dr BLT: I am also interested in whether or not you believe in fate or some sort of divine plan that made it possible for you and Sky to meet, or whether you feel it was simply a coincidence.
I truly believe there are no coincidences. It was meant for us to find each other. It was very hard basically getting to know each other AFTER we were married. There were major ups and major downs. But we stuck it out and worked through major issues that came up and we both grew and became stronger and better people. We knew that we were destined to have been together and Sky often said to me that he hoped we found each other much earlier in our next lifetimes. And we truly plan to do just that! 
Dr. BLT: What about you? Where were you born, and whhere did you grow up?
I was born in Indianola, Mississippi (same place as B.B.King was born) and I grew up in Northern Mississippi about 45 miles south of Memphis. 
My son was born in Clarksdale, Mississippi (birthplace of the blues) and I raised my son in Midtown Memphis (Memphis as you know is the "home" of the blues). Needless to say I LOVE blues music.
I battled racism from the time I was around 5 or 6 years old and really started recognizing something was not quite right in my little town. I felt like a displaced soul growing up and I often liked to tell my fantasy story that a couple from Berkeley was driving through Mississippi on July 25, 1958 when she went into labor and had her baby girl in Indianola, Mississippi. Years later they start questioning how on earth did they get a white supremist for a daughter and then they are like ... wait a minute ... could she have been switched at birth! ... I laugh but sometimes I think this could have been a true story. I was sooooo different from my family and other peope who were from my hometown. I got along with everybody but they knew how I felt about certain social issues that is for sure.
Dr. BLT: What were some of the musical artists that you were drawn towards as a child, and how did they influence you?
Sabrina Saxon: I was definitely a folk music lover for sure .... favorite artists back in my junior high and high school years were definitely people like Cat Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel, Moody Blues, etc. but I also like some southern rock. I was not a Stones fan ... but definitely was a Beatles fan. I loved Don McLean ... such a poet. Songs like "Sounds of Silence, Peace Train, American Pie .. made me think and question and helped mold my anti-war, social justice, peace and love leanings .... for sure.
Can't wait to hear the latest version of "Sky (We Salute You)" .... 
thanks so much!!!!
Sabrina Smith Saxon

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