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GuitarConnect cable from Griffin Technology

iShred LIVE app from Frontier for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Griffin Technology was among the first on the bandwagon to develop and distribute gadgets to expand the functionality of the iPod. As the iPod has evolved, so have the tools. The new GuitarConnect cable works in conjunction with a free app from Frontier called iShred LIVE. The 6’ long cable includes a ¼” input jack for your guitar, bass, or keyboard, a standard 1/8” plug for your iPod, and a 1/8” input for your headphones or earbuds. This combination of app and hardware is a boon to traveling musicians and late night, stay-at-home rockers alike.

The iShred LIVE app is designed to look like a real-world amplifier and effects pedal board, with several useful tools and three free effects. The app includes a chromatic tuner and a metronome, a delay effect, flanger, and a noise gate. Other effects are available for purchase. The app’s looping audio player allows users to easily play along with any song in their iPod’s music library. Truly, it’s a weapon of peace. Now, I can practice my speed-metal version of “Flight of the Bumblebee” at 3AM without inciting a pitchfork and torch-wielding mob of neighbors, or waking the kids. [$29.99; http://tinyurl.com/GuitarConnect  and http://frontierdesign.com

Jeff Elbel

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