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Warrior Princess 
Author: Princess Kasune Zulu with Belinda Collins
Publisher: Intervarsity Press, P.O. Box 1400, Downers Grove, IL 60515-1426. 2009. 
Hardcover, pp. 272. ISBN 978-0-8308-3725-0.
When one thinks of a warrior, one thinks of someone who is destined to fight great battles. In Princess Kasune Zuluís book, Warrior Princess, the battle is with being HIV-positive. This is an inspiring book of her coming to terms not only with her diagnosis, but with the deaths of family members, including her parents, and later, her husband.
Princess Kasune Zulu is a positive, religious, energetic woman, who came from a small village in Zambia to become educated, married, had children, and then discovered that both she and her husband were HIV-positive. She thinks both her parents died of AIDS, though no one knew what this mysterious illness was at the time, or that it could be transmitted to another person. A younger sister, possibly died of the disease, also. 
Princess Zulu was a hospital volunteer, when she decided to be tested for HIV. This is something not usually done, but when she tested positive, as did her husband, her world turned upside-down. Princess Zulu decides to go public with her diagnosis and becomes an activist to fight ignorance surrounding this disease and to prevent other women and men from contracting it.
With medical help available to her, she was able to go from die-in-six-months to alive-and-going-strong several years later. Through determination, she went from speaking to small groups about the AIDS virus to radio work to actively campaigning to increase knowledge on AIDS prevention.  Leaving Africa on several speaking tours with World Vision, she met world leaders such as the president of Zambia, U. S. President George W. Bush, then-senator Hilary Clinton and speaking at the United Nations. Princess Zulu believes in the power of prayer and shows throughout this book how her prayers were answered as to finances for her school or treatment for herself. Her personal life includes adopting orphaned family members, the divorce and death of her first husband, and then finding a new life with husband David Schoefernacker.
Warrior Princess is a book that lingers with you after the final page. It is an inspiring read. Here is someone determined to help others and will travel the world to do so. It seems as though she was destined to do activist work, as doors opened to her when she least expected it---a radio appearance turns into her own show, or a chance meeting at one of her presentations means the offer to speak in America and on it goes.
The back of the book has several pages of photos of Princess Kasune Zulu and her family, plus a bibliography of agencies that are active in AIDS work. 
Reviewed by Marie Asner 2010


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