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The Keeper of Darkness
Author: Ladean Warner
Publisher: Publish America
Pages: 197

Over the past few years a number of "Christian" authors have ventured into the genre of horror, science fiction and fantasy. Some have come away with excellent results, some with less than stellar works. You can put author Ladean Warner among the writers of excellent work. Her latest effort, The Keeper of Darkness is a tale that fits very well into the supernatural/ thriller class of fiction. This is a tale that kept me coming back to it every spare moment that I had until I reached the last page. I find that the older I get, the less tolerance I have for what my friend Mike Roe has labeled as sub-standard material. This book is top quality in every way from writing style to plot twists to the eventual ending. Or is it the end?

Former police detective Jake Peterson has returned to his small upstate New York town as the associate pastor of a local church. He has returned just in time to be thrust into a difficult leadership position due to the senior pastor having a heart attack. He has also returned in time to coincide with a mysterious series of apparent abductions throughout the area. The small town police department asks for his help in solving the case but the church needs his full attention.

Rather than degenerating into sappiness, Jake's emotional struggle is handled with a deft hand and intelligence making it even more real to the reader. Jake's dealings with his former boss and his present calling  to his ministry makes for a very interesting sub-plot simmering just below the surface of an interesting tale of terror. Who or what is behind the disappearance of local women and why are they being abducted, This is a book that kept my attention from beginning to end and left me wanting a sequel, which I understand is happening. 

Check out Ladean Warner on Facebook and add this book to your summer reading list before autumn falls on us.

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock



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