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Drift :A Novel of Suspense
Author: Sharon Carter Rogers
Publisher: Howard Books
Pages: 337

There are things that go bump in the night, things that although we cannot see them are very much real. Sometimes they just watch us, sometimes they take a more active role for better or for worse. They are neither angels nor demons, they are "drifters"! Drift is the story of one of these beings, an entity simply called "Boy" and his influence on a young woman called "Baby Doll."

On one level Drift is a great supernatural thriller, yet on another level it is a story of loss and longing. Baby Doll desires to know who she really is, having been kidnapped as an infant by a crime boss who refuses to reveal her true identity. Boy on the other hand desires to know his purpose and place in the universe. He feels God created him and then just left him to flounder about through the endless ages of time. Or did he?

Sharon Carter Rogers in this her third novel has woven a tale of wonder and suspense that kept me riveted to my seat. There are certain books that I read that I just cannot put down, Drift is one of those books!  It makes me long for the authors next tale.

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock



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