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In Did the Resurrection Happen?: A Conversation With Gary Habermas and Antony Flew
IVP Books (June 30, 2009)
There was a time in the religious community and the United States at large, when people on opposing sides of an argument could agree to disagree and outside of the realm of debate, become, even dear friends. In today's name-calling hyperbolic environment, it's hard to believe this ever existed and seems like a fairy tale that it could happen today. In the case of Antony Flew and Gary Habermas, who for years have debated theism as well as issues like the resurrection of Jesus, the answer is quite refreshing. Flew, who once associated with and debated C.S. Lewis, and the younger Habermas, have traveled the debating circuit together over the last 30 years. The result has been a friendship and a healthy respect for each other's difference. And, as the book documents, Flew, a giant in the scholarly intellectual community of atheists, has become a theist.  His reasons are fascinating and engaging. It is the relationship and the journey of both men, one(Flew) in which his intellectual standing became at risk in his own world of scholarship and the other(Habermas) who managed to form a near-partnership with a man of opposing views unlikely in the world of Christian apologetics, which,  stands out in this book. There are many compelling arguments presented on both sides of an age-old issue, which, in the end is best left in the realm of faith, but the healthy dialogue with absence of character-attacking, sarcasm and exaggerations usually present in today's debate, is a both refreshing and an example of how Christ works, not through disdain, but instead through the intelligent discourse of two gentlemen with an eye toward respect, truth and reality.  The result is, in spite of difference, brotherly love.  And what could be better evidence of the resurrected Christ than this?  
Terry Roland



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