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Book: Embodying Our Faith: Becoming a Living, Sharing, Practicing Church
Author: Tim Morey
Publisher: InterVarsity Press 
Tim Morey,the pastor of Life Covenant Church in Torrance, Californiaa, may be on to something. Among the next generation of growing churches, the emphasis may be less on entertainment, political agendas, which leave those who disagree in the cold, and raising great indulgent buildings and more about re-defining apologetics to the surrounding culture. This, to Morey, is as important a concept as incarnation, which serves as an example of his call to local missionary service. The emphasis of Embodying Our Faith is of speaking truth in love while practicing the Christian faith in such way which makes it relevant to the surrounding culture, which he terms 'postmodern.'  In his view, the postmodern person is no longer looking for a set of doctrines, rational argument or logic so much as a transcendent experience, community and a sense of purpose. Morey suggests a concept, common in missionary practice but abandoned in local evangelism; contextualization-placing the gospel into a place of relevance in the surrounding culture. At a time when church growth has been largely based on outmoded marketing concepts, Embodying Our Faith brings into focus a fully-dimensional gospel based an integration of truth, experience and community. 

Terry Roland 


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