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Social Justice Handbook: Small Steps for a Better World
Author: Mae Elise Cannon
IVP Books
284 pages

Social Justice Handbook by Mae Elise Cannon is an essential book for all Christians - no matter where you stand on the issue of justice. Do you think that social justice is not your concern?  Are you of the mindset that you aren't "called" to do anything about it... or maybe you just don't care?  Well, time for a wake up call: according to the Bible, social justice is for all Christians. Don't agree? Then you need to read this book to find out why I am making such sweeping statements.

Or maybe you are like me: very interested in doing something, but not sure what exactly to do (or maybe a little confused about where to even get started).  With so much need out there - where does one begin? Be confused or overwhelmed no more - this handbook is the perfect place to start.

Social Justice Handbook is divided in to two major sections.  The first section is a basic whirlwind tour of the concept of social justice - from both a Biblical and a historical perspective.  I have read many books, blogs, articles, etc. on social justice. I was expecting to just cruise through the first part of this book at light speed... because I was sure that I knew everything that was going to be covered. A few pages in, and Cannon was already deeper than almost everything I had ever read on this subject up to that point. She starts at a good basic place that anyone can relate to, and dives in from there.

Most books at your average Christian bookstore take about 400 pages to get to where the Social Justice Handbook gets to in just a few pages, so be ready to go deep.

The second section of the handbook is an alphabetical listing of several hundred justice issues. Each issue is briefly examined and then followed with action steps designed to get you involved in that specific issue.  No matter what level of involvement you have in the social justice arena, you will find something in this part of the book that will inspire you to do more.

Whether you are a social justice newbie, cynic, or old pro, you will find something to chew on in this book.

By Matt Crosslin (December 30, 2009)



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