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Between Wyomings: My God and an iPod on the Open Road 
Author: Ken Mansfield
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Ken Mansfield has quite story to tell. As a former Capitol Records executive, manager of The Beatles' Apple label in America and a record producer, most notably producer for Waylon Jennings, he has seen more of America's musical landscape than most. Diagnosed, over a decade ago with a rare, terminal cancer, Mansfield is alive and thriving as a writer who is a devout Evangelical. But, don't let this fool you. In Between Wyomings he takes us on a parallel road trip, as implied by the title; a desire to grow in his faith while he travels American highways to the landmarks of his personal life and career. 

In a deeper sense the title states the clear purpose of the book to make sense of the two Wyomings,the wilderness land of heady sex, drugs and rock&roll and the time of struggle in the wilderness of his faith. Does this sound interesting? If you have any doubts, here are some highlights: Jamming with Gene Clark of The Byrds in Northern California, working directly with The Beatles, finding himself at the roots of the Outlaw movement of the '70's most notably with Waylon Jennings...who once kidnapped him to have him to produce a song, the classic "We Had It All", Thanksgiving turkey with Ringo Starr and being a personal witness to the Beatles final live concert on a roof-top in London. But, more significantly, he describes his internal moral and spiritual conflict with clarity and purpose bringing his conclusion home with insight and universality.  

Weaved into his story is the tension between his old life and his new. While these are based in his own personal witness and the Christian faith, the lessons he learns along the way are inclusive of  those of other faiths and persuasions. The reader may be tempted to pass over the chapters devoted to faith in order to get to the fun stuff about The Beatles and other celebrities, but this eliminates the continuity, scope and dimension intended by the story. Only the closed minded will pass over these chapters leading to Mansfield's ending based on universal spiritual depth which does not attempt to evangelize, but instead, adds to his story in a way which supports its continuity. 

With Between Wyomings, Ken Mansfield has successfully managed to write an original, captivating and engaging account of his spiritual journey as he weaves in some of the most important moments in rock, country and gospel history. 

Terry Roland 



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