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Battle Ready: Prepare to be Used by God
Steve Farrar
David C. Cook Publishing
256 pp.

The state of the country’s economy and the stress it has brought many of us is on Steve Farrar’s heart in _Battle Ready_.  He compares the giants we face ­ addictions, temptations, failure, depression, job losses, financial stress ­ to the giants faced by the Israelites that Joshua led into the Promised Land.

Farrar’s question is about what type of man God will use.  He reminds us that Joshua and Caleb were the only two scouts of Israel’s twelve that trusted that God would deliver them, and that they would defeat the giants they were facing.  He tells us that as Christians, we were never promised an easy life, and that even though the pitfalls we deal with are often unexpected, we should always realize that something will be coming, and we have ways of readying ourselves for it. 

Practical tips are offered on staying in focus with God, on being prepared for battle rather than hoping to stay away from it, on facing the devil rather than ignoring his actions in the world.  He draws examples from the lives of Joshua and Caleb that give insight into the
type of character a man needs in order to defeat his enemies, with the help of God.

At times Farrar’s trust and expectations may seem naïve to the uninitiated, but anyone who has ever truly relied on God in times of trouble will understand the sincerity behind the words.  I once remarked that the hardest thing to do is to accept God’s grace as being sufficient when things go against us.  Farrar points out that those are the moments where we need to do that the most.

Brian A. Smith
20 February 2010



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