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The Overseer
Author: Conlan Brown
Publisher: Realms, A Strang Company
Pages: 296

The Overseer by author Conlan Brown is the second book in the "Firstborn Series" and is a dynamic follow up to its predecessor. Once again we are plunged into the world of Hannah Rice, Devin Bathurst, John Temple and The Firstborn. A first rate thriller, "The Overseer" works on a number of layers winding its way through two main stories with a third subplot which are all tightly interwoven. Each of the stories compliment each other and are necessary for the completion of the full undertaking. The kidnapping of three young girls, the assassination plot of a U.S. senator and the ramblings of an apparently mad prophet are at the base of this amazing tale of intrigue.

Not only has Brown woven a remarkable tale but he has made me care about what happens to his characters, to empathize with them and to care about their outcomes and fates. Reading this reminds me of just what a great book can do. It drew me into its story, it made me cheer and worry about its characters, it made me go back to it every spare moment that  had. Finally it left me wanting more, I have been excited by the adventures of these people and desire to read more about them and what happens to them. The ending of "The Overseer" leaves us to believe that there is more to come, to that I would wholeheartedly say bring it on!!!

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock



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