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The Sparkle In Someone’s Eye
Artist: YMYM (Yum Yum Children)
©2008 Independent
I was reliving some of the obscure labels in the underground, when I googled Boot To Head. Their site hadn’t been updated in awhile, but Yum Yum Children caught my attention. Remembering how much I enjoyed the quirkiness of “Dufisized” (1995) and “Used to Would’ve” (1996), I decided to look them up as well. Doing a little digging is always fun when there is life at the end of the tunnel. Passing blips, stand alert. 
Yum Yum Children, or YMYM, are still alive within the Quiver Society community, as they call it. R. Leon Goodenough, with family members and company, has put out an indy gem that pulls in a little bit of everything. Their familiar B-52 comparisons aside, campfire gospel, home Bible study worship, and Farfisa organretro undertones create a swirling modern hippie hip-swaying vibe. YMYM is in similar company with the likes of Brother Red Squirrel, Maron, and the defunct Soulfood 76, as toe-tapping, happy, shiny music makers. You cannot help but fall in line with the giddy, dancing women in dreadlocks, and some men for that matter, oblivious to their surroundings.
The unabashed biblical references throughout make this “comeback” release strong. When the lyrics appear to come from a place of personal livelihood, it speaks to the listener’s heart. I am very impressed with this independent release. The occasional sci-fi sounds also help.
January 2008


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