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35th Anniversary Tour: The Director’s Cut 
Artist: Yes 
Label:  Pinnacle 
Length:  256 minutes (2 DVD) 

Legendary prog-rockers Yes return with a DVD release that is the melding of solid concert performance in Birmingham and Glastonbury along with enlightening interviews with the “classic” Yes lineup.  The DVD starts on shaky ground with a weak intro (featuring cheesy vid FX…watch it once, skip it on further viewings) and launches into a version of “Siberian Khatru” that seems a bit slow and an awful lot like the band are tired of playing it.  But the concert soon veers into more exciting performances from Yes.  The DVD video is crisp and well photographed and the sound is solid.  The interview snippets interspersed between the songs are interesting and fun at times (love the story of Steve Howe sleeping with his guitar).  Subsequent viewings may cause the viewer to skip over the interviews right to the meat of what Yes is all about…the amazing and magical music they create as a group.  And in this respect (despite the shaky beginning) this DVD set excels: showcasing Yes in two captivating concerts in digital glory for fans to enjoy for years to come. 

Barry Nothstine hosts Soul Frequency Radio (, a weekly freeform FM radio show showcasing progressive rock, instrumental rock, power-pop, psychedelic rock, rock classics, blues, and more—great rock for the ages! 

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