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The Story of the Yardbirds (DVD)
Artist: Yardbirds
67 minutes 
Mono and stereo sound

There was no one like The Yardbirds, as the band was blues-loving, rave-up wailing, guitar-wielding ground breakers in many areas. The Story of the
Yardbirds is a great DVD documentary that shows the band in all its glory.

Opening with an excellent five-minute musical biography of the band; flashy back and white and color snippets flash almost too fast to take in, but not
to worry--everything comes in good time.

Interspersing commentary from existing band members, managers and people from the "in" crowd, the whole story unfolds. I don't want to give it away.
Suffice it to say, you will not be disappointed.

Picking up where the Rolling Stones left off at the famous Marquee Club, manager Gorgio Gomelski thought his Yardbirds were the next big thing. The
band tracked down and enlisted guitarist Eric Clapton. The black and white video shots from 1964 TV of Clapton are wonderful, giving a good overview of
the look and sound of the band at that time. Gomelski proceeded to get the band a recording contract but had a tough time translating the band's live
sound and energy to vinyl. It was the flip side of their first record, "I Wish You Would" that worked.

So it starts--amazing sound, archival footage, loads of music and history. A bonus feature is a fifteen-minute shot of them on the Beat Beat Beat show.
Also included is a color booklet that also builds up the most recent CD release, Birdland.  The band is still alive and active.

The Yardbirds was home for three world renown guitarists in Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page (the latter two at the same time). They had hit records
with each of them, but in the end you get the feeling that no one really knew how to get the best from this band. Still, there was no band like The
Yardbirds. There never will be.

Bob Felberg  March 18, 2009

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