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Cheap Vodka Rain
Artist: Willie Breeding
Label: Indie  
Length: 11/41:09

Willie Breeding has a lot to apologize for on Cheap Vodka Rain. Eleven tales of emotion, sadness, and regret inhabit this disc, which at times comes across as a drunken phone call at 2 am you know you’re going to feel worse for having done this, but yet nothing will stop you from having done it.¦nbsp; Mostly country fried rock, songs like “White Dress” and “Really Gotta Go” struggle to attain Harvest-era Neil Young in terms of songwriting, but the music does the job quite well. 

Cheap Vodka Rain is augmented by some excellent steel guitar work, and wouldn’t feel out of place on Bill Mallonee’s _Audible Sigh_.   “Summer 5” is a song of regret, and “With Your Costume On” offers apology but no atonement for its character.¦nbsp; “As Long” shows a man hanging on for dear life: “I’m gonna love you as long as you let me stay.”

Titles like “Grey Skies,” “Cold When We Met,” and “Bruises” make the events seem authentic either Breeding is that good at conveying a mood or these songs have some autobiographical nature.¦nbsp; “Be Right Here” portrays a man hoping she will return, but he is resigned enough not to be hopeful about it.

So, if you’ve got the relationship blues, or are feeling depressed by the rainy weather, Willie Breeding knows how you feel. He’ll help you wallow in your misery, and you could do much worse for company.

Brian A. Smith
26 April 2009


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