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Artist:  Wighead 
Label: Independent
Time: 11 tracks/28:24 min.

Wighead is probably a really fun band to watch live.  The quotes on their MySpace page seem to attest to that.  The question is: can they transfer that fun to a full length CD?

The answer is: kind of.  The self-titled CD by Wighead is more of a smirk and a big smile in most places, rather than a bunch of big laughs all over the place.  That is not necessarily a bad thing ­ it just leaves room for growth.

Wighead's sound seems to float in the Breakfast With Amy / Danielson / Yum Yum Children arena, even though they don't reach the same level of quirky coolness as those three bands did / do.  I specifically only mention Christian bands, because Wighead sound a lot like a Christian band trying to do the "quirky rock with occasional polka-ish beats" thing.  In fact, I can almost swear that the song "Office Building" was on one of those Simply Stupendous (or whatever they were called) samplers back in the late 90s.  Maybe I am just thinking that because Wighead mixes semi-crunchy guitars with dominant keyboards and quirky rhythms like many of those mid-90s alt-pop CCM bands did.  Not to mention that the leader singer often sounds just like the guy from Hokus Pick.

Of course, after saying that, I have to point out that the eighth track would never be accepted by the CCM industry.  All it is the same two words spoken over and over again ­ one of them a cuss word.  It is a pretty pointless song, even if you don't care about profanity. After checking Urban Dictionary… I hope that they meant to use this short phrase as a slang term for a piece of junk VW.  Whatever they meant it for, it was a waste of a track ­ there is no attempt at humor, irony, or even a cool riff in the whole song.

Other reviews of Wighead's music have mentioned Ween, They Might Be Giants, and Frank Zappa as influences.  That would be a pretty fair assessment.  Lyrically, the themes of loneliness and needing a girlfriend seem to come up frequently, so I hope these guys get a lot more exposure with this disc and make some more female friends.  If you like what you hear on their MySpace page, you will like the whole disc.

Matt Crosslin - editor of  Down the Line, web design,  occasional writer
I'm a major music fan with a great wife that cheerfully indulges my taste in "weird" music.  My wife and I love to travel to strange lands, but I can't get her to join me in watching obscure SciFi TV series from start to finish.

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