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Artist: Vota
Label: INO Records
Length: 11/37:52

One of the latest trends in music is bands that combine all sorts of different genres and influences, almost to the point that it can sometimes leave you wondering is they would be better served to pick a style and run with it.  At others, you just give in the talent of the performers and the whims of whatever they want to do at a given moment.  Vota is one such band. 

On their self-titled disc, Vota ranges somewhere between DC Talk (“Hard to Believe”; “Free to Fail”) to more current artists such as Maroon5 and Elliott Yamin (Love’s Taken Over”; “Not Finished”), then occasionally branches to anthemic rock (“Save Ourselves”).

“Be Mine” follows the same themes musically, but inserts some toy piano and slide guitar into the mix to offer a change of pace.

Filled with hooks, the disc is both radio friendly and easy to like, although it isn’t that memorable.  It’s sort of like eating at McDonald’s ­ it tastes good while you’re there, but it’s not a meal you immediately have to have again.

Brian A. Smith
19 April 2009


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