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When Two Worlds Collide DVD
Artist: Vanilla Fudge
89 minutes
NTSC 4:3
Disc Format DVD-9
Dolby Digital AC3

Mainly known for slowed-make that VERY slowed-down versions of songs by The Supremes, Beatles and others, the Vanilla Fudge draw more than a few snickers and sideways smiles these days. In the '60's, the band rose high on the charts with "You Keep Me Hanging On" and "Take Me for a Little While," inspiring many a garage band to haul around Hammond B-7 organs. 

Interesting thing is that the band sported one of the most lethal and venerable rhythm sections in rock. Drummers Carmine Appice and Tim Bogart continued on after the Fudge folded in 1970 to found Cactus and then formed  super group BBA with guitar virtuoso Jeff Beck. Both went on to appear with dozens of rock luminaries and bands, including Pay Stanley of Kiss, Rod Stewart, Bo Diddley, Bob Weir (Grateful Dead), Rick Derringer, Jake E. Lee (Blue Murder) Jan Akkerman and King Kobra to name a few. 

Add to that list the latest incarnation of Vanilla Fudge. Along with the original members add Tedy Rondinelli on guitar and vocals and Bill Pascali on Keyboards and vocals. That band is featured on When Two Worlds Collide, a concert video extraordinaire.

Featuring the San Fernando Valley Symphony conducted by James Domaine, the band runs through the key Fudge hits including "Take Me For a Little While," "Season of the Witch," and, of course, You Keep Me Hanging On."  You will love seeing "If You Think I'm Sexy," a song Appice wrote when with Rod Stewart in the '70's and the Back Street Boys "I Want It That Way!"

Very professionally done, the DVD also contains optional commentary from Appice and Bogart, a photo gallery and interviews. 

Say what you will about this band, they were quite good at interpreting other's music in a unique and pleasing manner. 

Bob Felberg


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