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Voices of the Winds
Artist: Unsynlig Tumult
Label: Bombworks Records
Time: 6 tracks/23:23 minutes
Unsynlig Tumult is a black metal side project of Ukraine’s death metal band Coram Deo, featuring two of that band’s members. “Margareth” plays keyboards and adds clean vocals, and “Zebaoth” plays everything elese and does the screeching black metal shrieks.
Their debut Voices of the Winds is a nice mini-album with 6 tracks, two of which function as an intro and outro, leaving four actual songs. These  four songs range from the straight-up everyone plays faster than everyone else black metal of “Curse of the Eternal Winter,” to the mid-paced atmospherics of “Crucified….”, to the sweet folk-metal influences on “Tomorrow”
This is pretty much modern black metal by the numbers­great musicianship, great vocals, (fortunately) great production, and interesting lyrics to boot. If black metal is your thing you can’t go wrong with Unsynlig Tumult, but don’t expect anything groundbreaking.
Noah Salo

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