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Catch for Us the Metal
Artist: The Tug Fork River Band
Label: Wounded Records
Length: 11/47:57

Southern rock meets screamo on Catch for Us the Metal, a hybrid of Pantera, Lynryrd Skynyrd, and tongue in cheek comedy. Like Haste the Day, the band mixes hard rock music with gargled vocals, with the occasional regularly sung part for emphasis. There are many in jokes here as well, almost to the point that some of them will fly over the heads of new listeners.

“Canadian Geese Ain’t ‘Merican” is one of several titles that set you up for a punch line, then reveal lyrics of a serious nature. Dealing with the nature of hatred and war, it serves to remind us that the group’s name comes from the dividing line that separated the Hatfields and McCoys.” “Duct Tape Fixes Errthing” is another in this vein, portraying a fight against darkness and casting a hopeful eye toward the return of Christ. 

“Bad Intentions for a Billy Goat” mixes a Rage Against the Machine type soundtrack with a depiction of a man who has been beat up by life, but refuses to give in. The title seems to be an allusion to the Chicago Cubs’ curse, with the connection being that hope never dies, as long as you don’t give in. “Pound, Explode, Pound, Pound, Explode” works as allegory on two levels, describing both the nature of sin, and the consequences of being with the wrong woman.  

One of the most unique titles is “Amazing Grace (House of the Rising Sun).” Seemingly, the juxtaposition of these two songs wouldn’t work at all, but somehow the band meshes the two effortlessly. “Bleeding Tree” is a strong reminder of the cross and crucifixion of Christ. “Date of Birth” awaits the resurrection of Christ: “But every word you have said/Still lingers deep inside my head.”

 While not normally a fan of this style, the mix of humor, songwriting, and musical ability of The Tug Fork River Band combined to make this an enjoyable disc. Catch for Us the Metal will satisfy fans of lyrics as well as the death metal crowd. 

Brian A. Smith
3 May 2009


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