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Artist: Tangled Blue 
Label: Independent
Length: 11/43:56

Naturally, Advent deals with the forty day period prior to Christmas.  Recorded over a four year stretch in a variegated series of venues, the album explores the tension surrounding the holiday, world issues present and future, and the return of Christ.

“The Days Are Coming” fuses lite jazz and funk, and creates an almost 70’s sound.  “Scan Me” goes in another direction entirely, mixing fuzzy guitar sounds with computer effects – think Belly meets King’s X.  Joel Pakan’s vocals at different times resemble Bruce Cockburn, Todd Agnew, and Mac Powell (Third Day).

“No More Far Away” builds upon itself throughout much like a U2 song in that way.  “In His Name” and “God Is With You” sound more dated, and feature the vocals of Aimee Wesolik-Pakan.  “Do No Harm” is back in the Cockburn vein, and “Parade” is a depiction of the end of the world shown as a very slow, very moving celebration that may have already begun.

When sounding modern, this album is very, very good.  When it hearkens back to the “hippie rock” sound, it bogs down.   There is a lot to be appreciative of here, but a more cohesive effort would have made this disc even better.

Brian A. Smith
19 April 2009


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