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Artist:  Radney Foster
Label:  Devil’s River
Time:  13 tracks / 45 minutes
My first thought when seeing the title of this album and the cover was that Radney was taking a shot a Gospel music.  Well, to some extent yes he is, but this record is much more than that.
Brought on by the passing of his father , Foster digs into many topics including mortality, joy, and doubt amongst others.   He mixes all these up within the context of rock, country, folk, gospel and yes even a bit bluegrass.
The album opens up with the rockin’ track “A Little Revival”.  As Foster sings: 
Hey that kid with the guitar in the subway
He might change the world someday
If it's Jerusalem or Tiananmen Square
Didn't it all get started 
`Cause someone stood up somewhere. 
From there it moves into song “Forgiveness”: 
Forgiveness, everybody needs it
Forgiveness, give it and receive it
I’m learning that’s what love is all about
Definitely words that most of us realate to.
Another song that really stuck with me was the song “Angel Flight."    It is a song about the fallen troops and their final flight home on their way to their final resting place.  Apparently the proceeds from this song will go to a charity that helps military families that have gone through this tragedy.
Two other songs, “Trouble Tonight” and “Shed A Little Light” will have you up out of your chairs and wishing you could be in the church or concert hall where this is being performed.  
This isn’t a “Christian” record and probably won’t find it’s way onto CCM radio and that’s alright.  The lyrics aren’t heavy handed but Foster gets his point across very well.

I encourage everyone to grab it and take a listen.  It’s a beautiful/well-written testament from one of country music’s best songwriters.
It has been a long time since Foster has found himself in the country music charts as a performer.  He has had a number of his songs made popular by the likes of Sara Evans, Brooks & Dunn, and The Mavericks.  I doubt that the programmers in country radio will give this the shot it deserves but they should.  As I typed this, I did notice that it was in the top 10 on the Americana chart.  It’s a start.
By Gar Saeger


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