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Today is the Day
Artist: Lincoln Brewster 
Label: Integrity
Time: 49:34

Lincoln Brewster is one of the best musicians in Christian music. Period. When it comes to pure musical ability, few have his musical ‘chops.’ Yet he is largely forgotten about in conversations about the best in Christian music. He is often lumped in with handfuls of worship leaders, which may be a huge public relations misstep. 

Take his new CD for example: Today is the Day is a complete picture of what the best of Christian music should exemplify. Not only are the songs well-written and memorable, the musicality of the project is competitive with its secular equivalents. Like fellow-guitar slinger John Mayer, Brewster finds a way to fit in his guitar licks without making the album feel like a jam. Whether it is the subtle, bluesy riffs of “Arms of My Savior” or the blistering intro to “Let Your Glory Shine,” Lincoln Brewster finds a way to fit his guitar skills comfortably into various styles. 

As for it’s “intended” purpose, as a worship project, Brewster’s newest CD does a fine job. There are the obligatory fast praise songs and the slow worship numbers. But listeners should not be confined to see Brewster as only a worship leader. Today is the Day is a noteworthy release that can be enjoyed on both deeply musical and spiritual levels.

Shawn Dickinson 
April 3, 2009


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