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Just the Beginning
Artist:  Kurt Carr with The Kurt Carr Singers
Label:  GospoCentric Records 

The traditions and progression of Black Gospel music is alive and well and residing in the music of Kurt Carr and the Kurt Carr Singers.     This well-executed double cd captures a live church service.  It has the slick, clean production sound of the studio, while it gives the listener the loose feel of a live church service providing sermons, testimonies, and some the most rousing and soulful  contemporary gospel music in America today.  As the music continues to play, the layers of voices and instruments merges into one and almost makes you feel like you are right there in the middle of a church congregation.   Its that good.    Carr's writing is concise, melodic and insightful.  The arrangements are clean, professional and energetic. Having served with Rev. James Cleavland and Andre Crouch, he brings non-traditional and traditional gospel together with a flare.     But, in  the end, the people and the celebration of the gospel that wins out.    By combining jazz, r&b, with the purity of gospel music, Carr has added to the tradition and defined it more clearly.  This one's highly recommended demonstrating the best gospel music can offer today.   And when you listen, get ready to worship....and maybe dance a little.  

Terry Roland


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