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Sweet Impossible
Artist: Jerry Chapman
Label: Independent
Tracks: 10

I first became aware of the music of Jerry Chapman back in 1993. I was at the Cornerstone Music Festival and picked up an album called "Songs From The Hydrogen Jukebox" by Two Pound Planet, Jerry was an integral part of this group and it was my introduction to his music. After Two Pound Planet, Jerry founded the duo that recorded under the moniker Life In General who released six of albums before taking a sabbatical a few years ago. "Sweet Impossible" is Jerry's fourth album release as a solo artist and is by far his best yet.

Jerry's material would fall somewhat under the umbrella genre of Americana singer/ songwriter with a slight touch of southern fried rock n roll thrown in for good measure. Lyrically his material reminds me of tunes written by Pierce Pettis, Bill Mallonee and Brooks Williams. His songs have the same type of down home intelligent feeling as these other writers without seeming derivative of their work.

This latest project was produced by Mitch Dane and features a number of excellent supporting musicians such as Steve Mason, Andrew Osenga, Jeremy Lutito and Chris Tuttle. Although for the most part sticking close to home these days in the Winston-Salem area of the Carolina's, Jerry's music needs to be heard by lovers of good music everywhere. We need to start a campaign to get this guy on a road trip backed by a hot smokin' band. Let's do it! You can check out Jerry's concert dates and more information on him such as previous releases at as well as on My Space and Face book.

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock

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