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Souled Out
Artist: Hezekiah Walker & LFC
Label: Zomba Label Group/Verity
Tracks: 12 Tracks/54:06 minuets
This is a wonderful “get back to the basics” of choir project. I think it will bring more choirs back into churches. The way this project was put together is a wonderful example of a person with a heart for worship leading true worshipers. This is one for the collection!

Hezekiah Walker and Love Fellowship Crusade have really worked hard to bring us a wonderfully put together package. They are so well rehearsed and versed on this one! I would say this is not your typical Hezekiah sound. To me this has a very traditional choir sound on most of the twelve tracks.

From song one “Souled Out” to song twelve “Triumph (Already Done)” you will be moved to tap your feet and move out of your seat. This is a very R&B meets old school Gospel sounding project. Through all the songs one thing rings true in your ears­you hear of God’s love and how we must dive in and praise Him to the very end! 

Go out and buy this project before it is “Souled Out” at a store near you!
Trish Cooper

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