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The Violet Hush
Artist: Johnny Bennett
©2009 False Momentum
Who knew something of a scaled back, gutsy and blues inspired effort could come out of LA? I had this pegged deep in the south, but Johnny Bennett draws upon the heartstrings of sentiment and wide-open blues-grit-and-roll. Other than the old school punk leanings of “Sister Pharmaceutical”, which is a definite keeper, and “World On Fire,” “The Violet Hush” plays well next to the likes of Michael McDermott, Springsteen, and at times a little heavy Dylan-ish.
There is nothing new under the sun in the style, hooks, or song structures, but Bennett stands out with a self-assuredness that bleeds through the disc. Very transparent sounding and repeat-worthy, the background fills in well around his voice. No fillers either, just solid throughout. Do yourself a favor and check this out.
September 2009

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