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Higher Sounds
Artist: Various 
Label: LOG Records
Time: 13 tracks/47 mins
Higher Sounds is a compilation of thirteen women singing songs mostly penned by themselves.  With titles like "Ordinary Girl", "Impossibly Beautiful," and "Everything I Need," it is typical of the genre.  There is no adventure in the lyrics, or the music.  In fact my wife said they sound like they are stuck in the . . . '80s’.
But not wanting to just rip this CD to shreds I dug a little deeper.  And there is something positive to report.  This CD is part of a bigger project.  _Beautiful Faith_ is a project primarily for women (which may be why I didn’t get it???) which hold events, and encourage women with the ultimate goal to share, “their own ‘Beautiful Faith’ with others around the world, which will bring glory to God.”  
The website,, contains stories that will encourage people to live out their faith.  For example, “Meme (Stephens) serves with World Vision, an international Christian relief and development agency, as an Artist Associate. After her travels to East Africa, she was inspired to start a new ministry called Microseeds that gives small loans to people trying to break out of the grip of poverty in Rwanda. One of the singer songwriters is legally blind, others are cancer survivors, and they all sing to bring glory to God.
Staying on the positive this is a great album if you like your music safe, and worshipful.  Not only that you will know that if you buy this CD you are contributing to a movement to motivate and inspire people to live for God.  
If you like your music to be an adventure this is not the disc for you.

Robert Boynton 


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