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Artist: Ex Norwegian
©2009 Dying Van Gogh Records
Happy semi-political indie rock with a modern Beatlesque/Euro vibe akin to The Killers and Shins makes Ex Norwegian’s “Standby” a repeat customer in my mp3 player. Seriously, for a debut, Ex Norwegian has created a stellar disc. With their name taken from a Monty Python episode, and kudos for that, you would think dry, witty humor emanating from the disc. Tongue in cheek sensibility exists, but the quality of production and great hooks takes it over the edge.
Hailing from Miami Beach, FL, this band sounds every way like a veteran outfit.  Together since 2008, they have performed in the CMJ Music Marathon in New York City, toured the east coast, appeared on Sky News, and NBC’s South Florida Today show. When I say veteran, confident from a veteran viewpoint is what the disc from start to finish is all about. There is not one stinker in the batch.
If I have one complaint, it’s that it ends too quickly. Most of the songs are under the three-minute range and nothing over 3:17. Like a roller coaster, it’s a thrill ride though. Standout songs are “Something Unreal,” “Fresh Pit,” “Sudeki Lover,” and “Dance Trance Pants,” though the rest play consistently like a well-oiled machine.
September 2009

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