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Live.  Die.  Repeat.
Artist: Dyslextasy
Label: Independent
Length: 6 tracks / 16:43

My apologies to Dyslextasy for putting the review of their EP off for... oh, about a year.

The Seattle-based outfit's debut EP is six tracks of hard rock.  Not nu-metal, not sorta punk, not garage, but hard rock.  Production is pretty good for a true indie (as opposed to that miserable indie "SOUND" the scenesters love), no glaring mixing or mastering issues to prevent enjoyment.  The group likes their stomp-box distortion, as Seattle bands are wont, but Dyslextasy is more of a straight rock band than one trying to relive the heyday of grunge.  The opener, "A Bug in the Jar," gets your attention with a thick, catchy riff.  Too bad the vocals throw you out of your groove.  Thin and nasal, the singing makes it difficult to enjoy Live. Die. Repeat.  They're not -horrible-, and heck, at least they're unique (he's not the billionth Eddie Vedder imitator), but in general the dude's voice is... well, annoying.

Lyrically, Live. Die. Repeat covers such diverse topics as drinking, partying, getting drunk, getting drunk and being arrested by the cops, annoying drunk partygoers, and a scathing, poignant critique of the Bush administration and America's international arrogance (yep, this review is seriously out of date now).  I'm being facetious on the last bit; the final track "Imperial Stout" is a fairly hackneyed attempt at making a political statement based off  the label of a beer.  Not that I have anything against a good stout, mind you.  The lyrics are very good at scene-setting and I'm sure many of my restaurant co-workers could relate to lines like "We won't remember any of this" and hey, probably everybody can relate to "Mr. Sunshine's" tale about that one jerk at your party who just wrecks it for everybody by getting completely wasted.  Folks looking for any kind of depth or spiritual musings won't find them here.

In short, Live. Die. Repeat. is energetic, fun party rock music with good wordplay, but one-dimensional themes and aggravating vocals.  Worth checking out if you want some no-frills rock music.  You know what?  I bet Dyslextasy is a killer live bar band.  They have a new full-length out now, check out their website for more details.

Ryan Ro

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