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Southern Hospitality
Artist: Disciple
Label: INO Records
Length: 12/47:39

Hard rock meets southern rock, with a trace of emo thrown in, making Southern Hospitality a diverse offering.  With three new members, and guitarist Brad Noah steeping back from touring, long time Disciple fans may wonder how their sound may be affected.

For openers, "Southern Hospitality" is a sweeping anthem, a huge guitar rock force that combines Kid Rock with The Trews.  The song is impossible not to like.  "Romance Me," a driving rocker with some hardcore vocals near the end, deals with sin and redemption, yet never mentions either word.  "321" has Kevin Young resorting to shouting his vocals, and recalls Saliva's "Click Click Boom."

"Whisper So Loud" and "Savior" are the ballads, while "Phoenix Rising," "Liar," and "Falling Star" feature the slow start/fast chorus formula commonplace in CCM rock circles.  "Right There" is a throwback, featuring what is almost an '80's Bon Jovi-like vibe.

If half the album lived up to the opening track, we'd have a contender for album of the year.  About four songs in, though, things start to blend together, making it hard to recall one song from another without checking the liner notes.  A lot of these songs will work better in a live setting than on disc.

Brian A. Smith


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