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Love’s All Around You
Artist: Devyn (
Label: Independent
Length: 3 tracks/11:55 minutes
Love’s All Around You by Devyn is the three-song debut from this West Texas pop singer. But she is not a newcomer. At only 18 months­yes, before she was out of the infant stage­family folklore has it that she could sing a pitch-perfect rendition of “He Touched Me,” the Bill Gaither classic.
It didn’t take long for Devyn and those around her to recognize that this was her calling. But with any calling, challenges and adversity are inevitable. As adolescence set in, Devyn suffered from debilitating anxiety and depression. She found herself in dark places as she also battled sever migraines. She finally emerged from her wilderness experience after praying with her parents. As the old hymn put it, she took her burdens to the Lord and left them there.
Thankfully, that trying time is now a distant memory. She is back in the bright light of some high profile performances, which include opening a sold out coliseum show for Phillips, Craig & Dean. She shared a home church date with Trent Monk (of acoustic rockers Monk & Neagle).
It’s what makes the opening song, “How Great Your Are,” so fitting. This guitar-driven pop song affirms God goodness and gives Him praise. The ballad-like “Next Chapter” explores choices made in hard places and their subsequent consequences. Regardless of what we have done or where we have been, it’s never too late to turn the page. This is a song whose style fits with pop or country. Devyn has the voice to sing either style equally well.
The title song is an energetic finale that recognizes that pain is temporary and life is good. It could be autobiographical, even though all the songs are written and produced by Michael and Ron Morales. One minor drawback is the synthesized production on this song. A remix that provides a more organic sound would make this better.
Lyrically, there are no overt references to Christian faith, which is intentional so that the songs will appeal to a wider audience. It makes different interpretations possible, but Christians will have no trouble reading between the lines. 
Devyn’s purpose, however, is clear, “I just want to glorify Him and move other people to do the same when they listen to my music, and even if they have different beliefs, I want them to walk away inspired.” This is a good start toward that end.
Michael Dalton
August 22, 2009
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