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Thin One the Red One
Artist: Dead Sea Choir
©2008 Brass Ltd.
You get the sense that the term “grandiose” does not begin to scratch the aspirations of this project. The nucleus being Costa Stasinopoulis and guitarist, Daniel Gimlin, rounded out by three others, Dead Sea Choir’s debut is an intricate, multi-layered thematically focused gem. 
Drawing from many musical voices and genres, you hear the undeniable similarities to Radiohead’s Thom Yorke in Stasinopoulis’ vocals. Musically, it is like stumbling upon a magical field of flowers, untamed, untouched, and ready to begin savoring. Like an artist’s palette, with Radiohead, Mercury Rev, Mozart, and Phillip Glass as colors, DSC uses them on a musical canvas. Lyrically, Stasinopoulis covers lofty ground, dealing with never-ending conflicts of good vs. evil, God vs. Satan, life vs. death, etc… This hybrid of organic harmony and synthetic dissonance stands as a sound bed to the lyricism.
Even after many repeated listens, I am drawn to the depth of this release. A powerful debut, seriously recommended for those who enjoy sifting through their music and discovering new treasures within.
January 2008


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