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Live At The Maintenance Shop
Artist: The Chick CoreaElektric Band
Iowa State University (DVD)
©1987 CJ Productions/2004 Quantum Leap

Chick Corea is a truly gifted jazz/fusion keyboardist and songwriter. Not to mention, he is quite the versatile improvisational musician. Originally released in 1987, Live At The Maintenance Shop features the trio of Corea, John Patitucci on bass, and Dave Weckl on drums. Collaborating in the ‘60’s with Miles Davis to create jazz and rock fusion, nailing down the critically acclaimed “Bitches Brew” (1969), which many argue to be the first successful rock fusion record, Chick Corea has an extensive discography.

Musically, I was drawn to hearing the entire disc without distraction the first time. John Patitucci is a legend on bass. The solo dialog between Chick and John at points left me breathless. Admittedly, I had to close my eyes though after awhile though. I believe this was recorded in analog and it shows. If Quantum Leap wanted to preserve the quality of the original, at least they could have added some bells and whistles to the internal package. It looks in some ways like it was transferred from videotape, though I am sure it is not. The sleeve puts the running time at approximately 75 minutes. Maybe it is that long if you take the time to read the biography and discography sections, which are almost old school PDF reader worthy.

Sonically, the beauty is in the flow and craftsman-like quality of the tunes. If you were planning on purchasing this, you would want to save your money. Find yourself a local or online video rental store. It is good to see a few times, but I know this will shortly collect dust.



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