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The Boasting Weak 
Artist:  The Boasting Weak 
Label: Ten Thousand Talents
Time: 11 tracks/49.93 min

The Boasting Weak are eclectic in their styles, with the flavours of Jazz (including French), country/folk, Brit pop/rock, with a sprinkling of other styles and some Spanish flavor to cook up a pretty nice brew. 
“Mary Beth Dragoun grew up in Lenoir City, TN, and sang regularly at church. In college she performed concerts in the Tennessee and Georgia areas, and was a worship leader for youth camps. She is professionally trained in opera, but chooses to rebel vocally from that style and rock it out. 
Jared Dragoun grew up in Bakersfield, CA, and also played music regularly at church. He has been involved in worship leading for many years. Jared took classical piano lessons for ten years, forgot how to play, and now plays in a style that has no explanation.” (

Mary Beth vocals are reminiscent of Karen Bergquist (Over the Rhine), though still distinctly her own. I like Jared's voice, it is very smooth, and both of them together (and separately) carry the emotion of each song very well.  

The name, The Boasting Weak, is taken from 2nd Corinthians 12:9, to quote Jared it, " talks about boasting in weakness so that Christ would prove to be more powerful . . . The part of that verse that our name comes from is the second part. The first part is "My grace is sufficient for you. My power is made perfect in weakness." (Tollbooth)

They write great music, accompanied by intelligent lyrics. 

Mary Beth, when discussing her lyrics said, "if Jesus Christ weren't in our lives, we really wouldn't have anything to write about. Life wouldn't be so trying. We would just do what we wanted to do all the time, but because we're constantly battling our flesh, . . . to do what's wrong, vs. what's right, . . . those things are . . . what we write about." (Tollbooth) 

My only let down on this CD is the production (very good for an indie maiden release). It cries for the attention of Charlie Peacock, maybe Otto Price, or both. This is the only reason this disc did not receive a 5 from me.  Do yourself a favor, spend your spondoola on this one . . . OK?? 

Rob Boynton
22nd Jan 2009


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